Articles and Reviews
  Walker Art Center, 1/18/13
Article: "A Poetic Archaeology of Cinema: The FIlm of Bill Morrison"
by Matt Levine
  New York Times, 12/21/12
Review: "Symphony of Compositions From Decomposition:
'Decasia', Celebration of Decay, From Icarus Films"
by Dave Kehr
  New York Times, 2/7/12
Review: "An Industry Beneath the Surface - Bill Morrison Documents the Reign of Old King Coal"
by Manohla Dargis
  Indiewire, 1/31/12
Article: "Why New York Is Celebrating Experimental Filmmaker Bill Morrison"
by Shane Danielsen
  Variety, 12/11/11
Review: "Spark of Being" at AFI Film Festival
by Robert Koehler
  Hollywood Reporter, 11/21/11
Review: "Spark of Being" at AFI FIlm Festival
by Sheri Linden
  Duke Performances, 11/15/11
Interview: "The Great Flood" and other topics
by Chris Vitiello
  The Digital Fix, 09/04/11
Blu-Ray review: "Tributes - Pulse"
by Anthony Nield
  The Digital Fix, 06/17/11
DVD review: "The Miners' Hymns"
by Anthony Nield
  Screen Daily, 04/22/11
Review: "The Miners' Hymns" at Tribeca Film Festival
by Howard Feinstein
  Wall Street Journal, 4/21/11
"A Filmmaker Mines History For Meaning"
by Nicolas Rapold
  Sight & Sound, 07/16/10
Review: "The Miners' Hymns" at Durham Cathedral
by Nick Bradshaw
  The New Yorker, 11/08/04
Performance review: "Decasia" at St. Ann's Warehouse
"America The Baleful" by Alex Ross
  Collection of essays from 2004 written by André Habib, Donato Totaro, and Claudy op den Kemp  
  The Guardian, 9/25/03
Review: "Decasia"
"Ghost World" by Jonathan Jones
  Village Voice, 3/18/03
Film review: "Decasia" at Anthology Film Archives
"Back to Nature: The Art of Destruction" by J. Hoberman
  New York Times Magazine, 12/22/02
"Sublime Decay"
by Lawrence Weschler