Back to the Soil
(18 min, 2014, HD)

A revision of “Back to Soil” (1927)
by James H. Becker
Revision directed by Bill Morrison (2014)
Cinematography by James H. Becker
Edited by James H. Becker (1927)
and Bill Morrison (2014)
Music by David Lang

Beyond Zero: 1914-1918
(40 min, 2014, HD)

Film by Bill Morrison
Music by Aleksandra Vrebalov
Performed by the Kronos Quartet
Produced by Janet Cowperthwaite

(18 min, 2013, HD)

A film by Bill Morrison
Produced by Lawrence Weschler
Music selected by Philip Glass
Performed by Andrew Sterman

All Vows
(10 min, 2013, HD)

Film by Bill Morrison
Music by Michael Gordon
Performed by Maya Beiser

Co-commissioned by Indiana University Cinema and the Dorit and Gerald Paul Program in Jewish Culture and the Arts of the Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Program in Jewish Studies at Indiana.

Just Ancient Loops
(26 min, 2012, HD)

Directed by Bill Morrison
Music by Michael Harrison
Cellos performed by Maya Beiser
Produced by Bill Morrison, Hypnotic Pictures
Produced by Steve Acunto, Capolavori Productions

(13 min, 2010, HD)

Sound design by Vijay Iyer
Produced by Julie Courtney

Golden Gate Award:
San Francisco Intl Film Fest

Who By Water
(18 min, 2007, DV)

Music by Michael Gordon

Grand Prix: Rio de Janeiro Int'l Short FIlm Festival

The Highwater Trilogy
(31 min, 2006, 35mm)

Film by Bill Morrison
Music by David Lang and Michael Gordon
Libretto by Deborah Artman

(9 min, 2007, DV)

Film by Bill Morrison
Music by Julia Wolfe
Libretto by Deborah Artman

(9 min, 2005, HD)

A film by Bill Morrison
Original music by Todd Reynolds
Commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Light Is Calling
(8 min, 2004, 35mm)

Music by Michael Gordon

Best Film: Berlin Interfilm
Grand Prix: Etrange Festival

The Mesmerist
(16 min, 2003, 35mm)

Music by Bill Frisell

Ghost Trip
(23 min, 2000, 35mm)

Featuring Slink Moss
Sound by Michael Montes

The Film of Her
(12 min, 1996, 35mm)

Music by Henryk Gorecki
Music by Bill Frisell
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